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To heat a drink quickly and efficiently, the cup warmer appears to many people as the ideal accessory. Indeed, with its hot plate, this little one allows you to drink your coffee or tea at the right temperature all the time. 

However, finding the best cup warmer is not always easy with all the models offered here and there on the internet. Presenting you with the 10 best models on the market today is without a doubt the best way to help you make the right choice

Using a cup warmer is a convenient way to drink a hot beverage at any time of the day. This device keeps a cup of coffee or tea or a mug containing milk at a high temperature until you turn off the device. It is an innovative device that is accessible and easy to use.

Note that it differs from a kettle that prepares a drink from the start. It is one of the practical accessories that you quickly become addicted to, such as the anti-pill razor or the reading cushion .

This portable gadget is generally intended for home use in the home or office, but is also suitable for business use. It works by connection to a USB port or via an outlet on an electrical sector. Read on for our pick of the 10 best cup warmers around.

Comparison of the best cup warmers: Tests and Reviews

The 10 best cup warmers presented here are the most reliable that can be found on the market. They are also very attractive in terms of value for money. Take advantages and weaknesses of each product.

1-VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

With an auto shut off function after working 4 hours, this cup warmer for office desk use is one of the best cup warmers on the market in its price catagory. It allows you to heat your favorite beverages right on your desk or table. 

No matter when you’ve brewed your coffee, this device lets you drink it hot the way you like.It also allows you to heat other drinks such as tea,milk,herbal tea, infusions or simply water. All you have to do is place the containing liquid on the heating part.

The Vobaga is a  VOB-10-1 model that offers automatic and intelligent operation. The heating zone has activated via the touch key. The device starts working as soon as it detects the container.

The vobaga cup has three Temperature Settings which guarantee you 4 hours.


Auto Shut Off

10.4 Ounces capacity

3-Temperature Settings

Suitable Mugs

Good Value for money


Slightly small heating surface

2- Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

Smart Coffee Warmer keeps your beverages always warm.

It is a 19-Watt mug warmer that has designed this cup warmer.So it keeps Coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa or your candle wax hot up to around 55 ° C for an indefinite period of time. Its design allows it to adapt to different coatings of containers.

Its lightweight and portable design makes it convenient to use.. You can also use it outside, especially on the terrace or in the garden.

It has an automatic switch.So you can put your cup on it.Then it will heat up.You will get the right tempreature.

This cup warmer has come with Waterproof Design that has patented waterproof design, stylish smooth glass layer on the top to make it easy to clean.

When you want to give something as a gift for father’s day or mother’s day,your best choose it.

Simply bring a device with a 5 V USB output such as a tablet or laptop to power it on.


Lightweight-11.3 ounces weight

Drinkable temperature (131F/55C).

Compatibility with different materials

24-months warranty

Easy to clean

Best gift choice

Compact design

Optimal temperature


Nothing found

3- VOBAGA Imitation Wood Grain Coffee Cup Warmer

VOBAGA Imitation Wood Grain Coffee Cup Warmer is your ally to heat or maintain water, tea, coffee, or milk at a temperature up to 40 ° C. It is definitely one of the best cup warmers. Note that charging a smartphone battery on the induction plate of the 2 in 1 device is possible. Just make sure the thickness of the case is below 9mm.

The device adapts to several types of cups, whether ceramic, glass or even stainless steel. Its sleek black design sets it apart from other models. It is equipped with an operational mirror.

Several additional features accompany this small device, in particular the temperature detector to prevent overheating or the automatic shutdown after heating. Its weight of around 290 g makes it easy to carry in a bag and goes with you everywhere.


120 Voltage

1.4 m/5.51″ Convenient cord length for use almost anywhere

0.66 lb lightweight and portable 

Easy to carry anywhere

Three Temperature Settings

Spill resistant material

3.5″ Large Size Base

Auto shut off after continually working 4 hours,

Non-skid Feet

Touch technology,easy to use

20 Watt

surface easily wipes clean

Dual function (phone charging)

Smart detector

Warm at home

Gift for family and friends



 Keep silence,no beeps

4-BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee

Best cup warmerThe quality workmanship and finish of this mug warmer make it a great gift idea to give. Invest in a flat bottom mug to benefit from its performance. It keeps your drink hot from 55C ° C in the office or at home. Its purchase facilitates your daily life and avoids you going back and forth to the microwave or to a coffee maker.

It is a ceramic mug with 14oz.So you can use it to heat your own mug.

This smart coffee mug has a patented waterproof design that is a stylish smooth glass layer on the top to make it easy to clean. And it assures you no concerns for security issues as it’s made of flame retardant materials to ensure lasting long time.

The approximately 13 cm diameter of the hotplate is large enough to fit a large mug. However, it is compact enough to take up minimal space on your desk. Connect the approximately 1.5m power cable to an electrical outlet to turn it on.

A food-grade silicone cover is offered. It optimizes the temperature conservation of the drink while protecting it from dust or insects. Its rounded handle makes its use practical.


Auto On/Off

Compact design

Small dimensions

Waterproof Design

1.37 pounds lightweight

Compatibility with a large cup

Long cord

High temperature


No cons

5- ANBANGLIN Coffee Cup Warmer

ANBANGLIN Coffee Cup Warmer

Best cup warmerTreat yourself to this mug warmer if you hate drinking cold coffee when the thought of going back and forth between the desk and the microwave annoys you. Its elegant finish is of good quality and imitates wood. 

The thick shell is coated with aluminum alloy . It has an antiseptic property for hygienic use. The red indicator light on the side indicates the status of the device i.e. on or off.

The manufacturer thinks of the user’s safety by making the product waterproof to prevent electricity leaks. 

No short circuit occurs even if the drink accidentally spills onto the hot plate. In addition, the 152 cm wire equipped with about 120V rubber plug conforms to international standards.

Keep your drink hot at a temperature of 40℃-55℃-65℃  as long as it is placed on the hotplate of the appliance when it is switched on. Invest in a tumbler with a flat bottom for optimal performance.


UL Power Cord

Suitable for Most Cups

12 months warranty

Green heating plate

Touch the button

Complies with international standards

Antiseptic property

Elegant finish



Thick shell

6- Symani Coffee Mug Warmer

Symani Coffee Mug Warmer

Best cup warmerThis heater cup of the Symani Coffee Mug Warmer does not heat a drink, but is maintained at a temperature up to about 70 ° C . 

You can use it easily plug the cord,then you can tap the switch and push the blue light on.You can set everything simply after putting your mug on.

Its glass material reflects elegance and makes it suitable for both home and professional use. It is equipped with rounded edges and four non-slip feet to facilitate its transport and reinforce its stability.

Its USB connectivity system and its weight of approximately 300 g make it a portable and practical gadget. Just plug it into a laptop or tablet with an operating voltage greater than 5V and 1.5-2A. The cable is long enough for easy connection.

The hotplate fits with stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic and glass. Avoid heating a cup without contents to avoid accidents.


8 hour auto shut off

Long cord

Touch Control

Suitable for most cups


Lifetime Warranty

11.5 ounces light weight

1.06 inches height

Maximum temperature

USB connectivity

Suitable for various materials

Stability guaranteed by the four feet


Mugs Warmer

7- YEOSEN Coffee Warmer

YEOSEN Coffee Warmer

It is the best cup warmer.This cup warmer has an interesting heating capacity keeping the temperature of your coffee.Because it has three temperature settings. Your tea or your little one’s bottle between 40 to 60 ° C. Its design is compact and it is light (approx. 150 g), with 9 cm in diameter and 1.8 cm in height. This device takes up little space on your desk.

Now avoid rushing by quickly drinking a drink so that it does not get cold. Take this device everywhere by placing it in a bag without forgetting its power cord of about 1.45 m . It is easy to use and plugs into the mains. Save energy by investing in this energy-efficient model since it only consumes around 15 W.

The button turns red when the device is turned on. Press a second time to turn it blue to maintain the temperature of the drink and a final time to turn it off. Note that the system stops automatically after 8 hours of standby.


Three Temperature range

Cord length

Suitable for flat bottom cups.

Economical device

Waterproof Design

Easy to use

Automatic shutdown

10.4 ounces light weight


Do n’t to touch the panel when heating

8- Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer

Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer

Find the best cup warmer from our selectionUse in complete safety this Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer waterproof mug warmer which deserves its place in the list of the best mug warmers.

This coffee mug warmer is electric Beverage Warmers for Office Home Desk Use.It keeps your coffee at 135F desirable temperature  for you.So it is a smart cup warmer with Thermostat Coaster for Hot Coffee Tea.It has come with  espresso milk candle wax. This is Auto Switch coffee mug warmer 

It is equipped with technology that allows it to resist liquids in the event that it accidentally spills onto the heating mat. It is made with premium aluminum and is made of glass panels suitable for high temperature.

This gadget is easy to use. Connect its power cable of approximately 1.5 m to an electrical outlet before placing the cup on the appliance. It has smart functionality adjustable via touch switches. The button is blue when the heating temperature is low ( 40 to 50 ° C ) and red when it is high ( 50 to 60 ° C). The system switches off automatically after 8 hours of standby.

Its weight of around 350 g is a bit high unlike the other models in this comparison, but this device remains light. With its dimensions of 12 x 1 cm (diameter x height), it takes up little space.


19-watt coffee warmer

1lbs lightweight

Night indicator

Temperature setting

Best gift choice

Automatic shutdown

Quality materials


Cord length

Small dimensions


No need to turn it on/off manually.

9-  Aluminum Pad Coffee Cup Warmer 

Aluminum Pad Coffee Cup Warmer

Best cup warmerWarm up your coffee with this sleek and innovative 220V cup warmer . Its interest lies in its ability to rapidly increase the temperature level of the drink, up to around 122-140 F (52-60 C). You thus benefit from a beverage that is neither cold nor too hot for immediate tasting. This device is made of waterproof heat resistant glass . You do not risk any problem even if the liquid spills on the materials.

It is strongly recommended to use a tumbler with a flat bottom so that the heat is sufficiently distributed on the base of the cup. Use a container lined with a suitable material at a temperature of around (52-60 C) to avoid damaging it, in particular glass, porcelain or even stainless steel. Avoid plastic.

You save energy by investing in this model having a low power of about 18 W. It consumes only 1 kWh every 55 hours.


Teacup flat warmer

Wine or sake warmer

Fragrance diffuser

Hot cocoa warmer for desk

Scented candle warmer

Wax candles jar warmer

Essential oil candle warmer

Energy efficient

Heating temperature

Glass material

Compatibility with various containers


Presence of an anti-electric shock

10- Coffee Mug Warmer – Desktop Beverage Warmer

Coffee Mug Warmer - Desktop Beverage Warmer

Best cup warmerKeeping a drink hot for hours is the mission of this Coffee Mug Warmer – Desktop Beverage Warmer, which is one of the best cup warmers around. Its dimensions allow it to be used in the office without cluttering the work surface. It measures approximately3.54 inches in diameter and 1.3cm in-depth and is easy to handle thanks to its weight of approximately 260g.

The unique button it has makes it intuitive and easy to use. Press once to heat the contents between 50-55 ° C and a second time to a temperature of around 55-65 ° C . The indicator is blue in the first case and red in the second. Do not worry about the resistance of the device made of glass and stainless steel suitable for this type of condition.

This coffee mug warmer device is easy to maintain . Wipe a damp cloth if you deem it necessary, but avoid immersing it in water to avoid damaging it.


1.2m in length cord


Easy maintenance

Easy to use

Choice of heating temperature level

Good quality materials

Plug in the power

Press the on button

Choose the desired temperature, high or low

Turn off the switch


Unplug the power


Buying guide for choosing the best cup warmer

The criteria to take into account

Because drinking your coffee cold can be very unpleasant especially when you like it hot, a cup warmer can be useful to keep it at the right temperature. But before embarking on the purchase of this device, it is important to know the selection criteria to take into account.

The characteristics of the device

To be sure you choose the best cup warmer,you need to make sure that its specifications meet your expectations.Indeed, with the multitude  of  offers on the market, it is easy to inadvertently buy a device that does not have the desired characteristics. 

Whether you are looking for a model with basic or advanced features,it is essential to pay attention to the smallest details.

For example, check whether the size of the plate or the device itself is suitable for you, or whether the construction materials are of good quality. Is this a model that just keeps drinks warm or can also heat them when they have cooked? These are all details to take into account.

Also, if  design is important to you, don’t hesitate to make sure the finish is right for you before ordering.There are also some features like splash resistant to consider.

The type of food

Do you want a cup warmer that works via mains or via USB? For some users, plugging into a wall outlet provides more power than using the USB port. However, the real point to consider here is how you want to use your device  to maintain the right temperature for your favorite drinks. 

You can opt for a model that you can plug into the mains, if you are sure,you always have a plug handy.

Otherwise, if you have to move around a lot, for example with your device and if you have a laptop, connection via USB will be more practical.

The length of the power cable 

Whether it is a model to be connected to the mains or to the USB, this selection criterion should not be neglected.It is recommended that you use a cup warmer that has a power cord long enough to optimize its comfort of use.

It will indeed be easier for you to install your device on the table and to hang it up without having to resort to an extension.So to speak, a very long cable will save you unnecessary hassle and allow you to keep the device close and enjoy more convenience.


In addition to keeping drinks hot, some cup warmers incorporate additional features that make them easier to use.The automatic shut- off function, for example, allows the device to turn itself off when it has been left on for a certain period of time.You can also opt for an appliance with an automatic temperature system and whose heating process is activated by placing the cup on the panel.


While a cup warmer seems naturally intended for heating or reheating coffee,it can also play the same role with several other types of drinks such as tea or milk.In general, most of the models offered for sale offer these possibilities as standard.But it is still necessary to verify that this is the case to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Likewise, your appliance must be able to be compatible with all types of cups, whether ceramic, glass,porcelain, stainless steel,etc.

How to use your cup warmer?

If you have managed to find the best cup warmer, it is important to know the basic rules to follow to use it correctly and over the long term.

First of all,you must absolutely avoid using the device for anything other than what it is designed for. This is the reason why we must make sure of all its capabilities before purchasing it. Then care should be taken to use cups with a flat bottom. This is important for the quality of heating of your drink. For the same reasons, it is essential that the walls of the container are as thin as possible.

Finally, you must absolutely avoid pouring water or any other liquid on your cup warmer, whether it is to clean it or for something else. Although most models offer some splash resistance, they are not 100% waterproof. It is also recommended not to touch the heating part while the appliance is in operation to avoid any risks of burns.


The product from the Frienda brand is the model judged to be the most efficient in this comparison of the best cup warmers by Internet users. It effectively fulfills its mission, which is to keep a drink at a high temperature for hours. The lid optimizes this preservation function.

Internet users describe the Yurnero model as practical . They appreciate the possibility of choosing between two different temperature levels. In addition, a single button provides access to this function while the blue and red indicator lights make it easy to distinguish.

Scobuty wins positive user reviews for additional features. They are numerous and intelligent. The same device charges a smartphone and heats a drink. The only downside is the fact that it does not perform these two functions simultaneously. It is an ingenious gift for a representative of the fairer sex thanks to the mirror.