4 things that make a good coffee shop

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I have traveled all over the country. And with each place that I have visited, I have tried my favorite drink, coffee, in many different coffee shops. I have never been a person to stop at the nearest coffee chain for my coffee. I’ve always been one of those looking for the “mom and dad” coffee place. The places whose character is shaped by the owners, the staff, and those who frequent the store. So why does it make a good coffee shop?

Below are the top four things that I believe create the character of a coffee shop and make it what it is.

How to make a good coffee shop

You can get this answer below.In my article you can see how you can find your better coffee shop where you feel more comfortable in your pass time with your friend.

Music and coffee

For me, music can impact anything. In the same way, it also influences your mood, your energy, and well, in your coffee shop. Music can greatly enhance or totally destroy the atmosphere of a cafe. I feel like a coffee shop should be consistent in the type of music. So it plays for its customers.

If you play soothing acoustic music one day, but dance music the next, customers may not know what to expect. While variety can be a great thing, it is attracting a consistent type of customer.

Besides, the base might not work as well if a store’s music is too diverse. A perfect example of not being consistent is when one of my favorite coffee shops was consistently playing electronic music. And one-day vulgar rap music was playing. I had to leave so I could do my job.

Friendly staff to put your coffee on

A friendly staff is very important. My daily store is about 50% related to the fact that I know the staff and feel comfortable in the store. They know my name, what I drink, and everything about me that I feel is easy and comfortable.So I always go there to put my coffee on.

Coffee atmosphere

The atmosphere of a store is everything. It is created by the people who compose it, the music, the store design, and the wall art. All of these things work together to create energy and the environment. Personally, I like the consistency. Also, I like a combination of comfort with an eclectic feel. Photos, paintings, and collectibles displays are some of my favorites. Also, here’s one that is important, temperature.

One of the most popular coffee chains I can think of seems to want to freeze their customers by turning up the air conditioning. That’s a great way to screw it up. So you also like the same atmosphere or you have a different choice. But most of the atmosphere is the same.

hop atmosphere

The coffee 

Since I’m talking about what makes a coffee shop a “good coffee shop”, you probably also need to talk about what I personally think. It is one of the most important factors in owning one.

The real coffee and the products offered.

Are only three items offered?

Is the coffee really good?

Is it too weak?

Have a bad taste in your mouth?

Is there consistent coffee with every order?

What do you think about what makes a good coffee shop?

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