7 Tips to prepare the perfect coffee in your first coffee maker

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You plan to brand new your coffee maker , but you just realized that you had never used one. Do not worry. If you are one of those who only drank instant coffee at home, here are some tips to prepare this delicious drink as it should be.Coffee has many properties.It keeps the brain alert, improves physical performance and helps us burn fat. Just to mention a few, but what most attracts us to this drink is that flavor. It gives us a sense of peace and tranquility. Therefore, in this article we tell you 7 tips to preparing the perfect coffee in your new coffee maker .

how to make a cup of perfect coffee step by step

Know the characteristics of the coffee maker

You should read the manual first. There are several models. They are distinguished by the way they make coffee. There are express coffee machines, Italian coffee machines, capsule coffee machines and, the best known, drip coffee machines. This first acquaintance with the instructions for your appliance will help you use it correctly and maintain it well .


Make sure the coffee is well ground.
A very common mistake is using the wrong coarseness of ground coffee. As we mentioned before, there are several types of coffee machines and each of these must use a specific grind.

Capsule coffee machines need a very fine grind. On the other hand, espresso machines use a regular grind. While Italian and drip coffee machines must use a coarse ground coffee .Make good coffee following below tips to prepare the perfect coffee.

Coffee tips-how to make a cup of perfect coffee step by step

Use the correct proportion of coffee

Everybody has their own taste in flavors. Some like their coffee strong while others a little weaker. And each person should experiment to discover the right proportions to give the desired consistency. However, a highly recommended measure is to use 10 grams of ground coffee for every 180 milliliters of water .

Avoid using tap water

The quality of the water is very important to prepare a good coffee. The ideal is to use filtered or purified water, but in no way should it be used directly from the tap . On the other hand, it is also recommended to place hot water in the coffee maker, but not at a boiling point, but after resting for a couple of minutes.

Properly clean the filter

If we want to obtain the pure flavor of coffee without any alteration, we must properly clean the coffee maker before using it. In case we have a drip coffee maker , it is recommended to wash the filter with hot water and without soap until it is free of any residue.

On the other hand, if we have an Italian coffee maker, we must carefully observe that the rubber that seals the thread remains white to ensure that it has burned, likewise, it is advisable to clean it only with water so as not to wear out the surface.

Keep your coffee in the right conditions

To keep coffee beans or ground coffee in good condition, you should store it in a cool, dry place . It is also advisable to separate it from other foods because it has the ability to absorb odors, something that will later affect the taste of your drink. On the other hand, if you want to keep it in the refrigerator, you can do.Hopefully you will keep it sealed in a container in order to avoid it being exposed to air and moisture.

Drink it at the right temperature

The perfect way to savor the nuances of coffee is to drink it. About 6 or 7 minutes after it’s preparation when it is at a temperature of 40 or 45 degrees. Remember it. If you drink it very hot, it is likely that you will not be able to distinguish the flavors. And if you let it cool down, it will oxidize and lose its properties.

Conclusion-Tips to prepare the perfect coffee

Now you know! Follow these recommendations to use your coffee maker correctly. And prepare the perfect coffee to start your mornings full of energy.