Are you dating a coffee lover? 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind

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Is your partner also a coffee lover? You might think she’s a normal person except for how super charming, how good she kisses, and how funny she is. But you are SO wrong, coffee lovers take this drink very seriously and it is something that will shock you. In my article, are you dating a coffee lover?

In a good way, we hope that from time to time you feel irritated by his obsession. But very soon, you will find yourself sharing their coffee, understanding their point of view, and possibly even becoming a coffee lover.

Either because of the different extraction methods, they have at home, the excitement that exploring a city gives them looking for a good coffee or the habit of starting to talk and talk about everything related to this drink, here are 5 things you should expect from a coffee lover. Find out what it takes to put up with how much they like coffee and how much you can learn from them.


He not only drinks coffee, but he also celebrates it too

Coffee goes far beyond a strong and bitter cup that brings you back to life every morning. Her morning routine is drastically different than what you can expect. For them, preparing coffee is a ritual, those exquisite aromas, and notes of coffee are what allow them to start the day.

So when you go out with a coffee lover, you will find that preparing it each morning can take longer than expected. It’s not just pouring in two tablespoons of ground coffee, putting it in the coffee maker, and pressing a button. No sir!.

But instead, it requires measuring the exact amount of coffee beans, grinding them, brewing them in a V60, and very slowly starting to pour the water over that fresh coffee, yes, please!

And the whole process may indeed take about ten minutes … but you are going to taste an exceptional cup of coffee, a deep appreciation for the whole process of preparing those beloved beans, and most importantly, enjoy a beautiful morning ritual that you can share with your favorite coffee addict.

You start to put your coffee pot aside

Without a doubt, that person you date has all kinds of methods for making coffee. You are going to start trying the French Press, the Aeropress, the Chemex (which not only serves to prepare a good coffee, it also looks spectacular!), Among others.

After you have experimented with all these methods, you will realize that it is no longer the same to prepare a coffee in your traditional coffee maker or capsule machine. Of course, it is very practical, but the flavor that you get to perceive with a V60 or a Chemex is much better than that of a standard coffee maker.

Do you know something? Starting to identify those differences is already a big step towards knowing how to appreciate what good coffee is. You will begin to distinguish between new flavors of different coffees and you will learn to identify which one you like the most. Do you like coffee more fruity? Or maybe with notes of caramel and chocolate? Very good, now you can share the passion for coffee with your partner.

After you become more curious about learning about coffee (that was the idea), experiment with extraction techniques. 

 put your coffee pot aside

Why not try preparing the same coffee with an Aeropress or a Dripper and compare them?

When it comes to coffee, there is a lot to learn and discover which is one of the most beautiful things about this topic.

Coffee is first, literal

“Let out? That’s good! but first, let’s have a coffee “

When you date a coffee addict, you will start to hear this very often. Sometimes coffee lovers need a little persuasion – do you want to go for a walk, see the city, visit your parents? Sure, after having a coffee. Yes, lovers of good coffee usually insist on having a cup in the morning or before they have to face the world.

What can you do? Use your newfound knowledge and make some good filtered coffee for the two of you in bed or promise that you will stop by for coffee on the way and you will see that as soon as you say “Pacamara” they will be ready to go out in no time and have those caffeinated adventures with you.

Tourist departures may involve small deviations

Tourist departures may involve small deviations

So they are on the road for the weekend, ready to explore all about the city. However, what is the most exciting part of a coffee lover? Find that local cafe hidden in the town. There is nothing more exciting for them than trying another coffee, chatting with the baristas, or finally visiting that cafe they have heard so much about.

So get ready to not only see interesting museums and monuments that appear on the map, but also those marked dots that lead you to enjoy a new and delicious cup of coffee. They are surely not going to be right next to a well-known shopping mall or art gallery. Usually, they are a little more hidden and the good thing about that is that you will be able to know not only the tourist part of the city but also its true essence.

Yes, they may get lost, but with a delicious cup of coffee, no adventure is too great to stop the lovers.

Coffee is his favorite subject

When you start dating someone who is as dedicated to coffee, as you are to your family, you will notice that they talk a lot about it, but a lot. Whether it’s a new roast they tried or an upcoming coffee conference, they will always want to share it with you. Well, well, coffee is his passion.

Coffee is his favorite subject

And as coffee lovers, they belong to an incredible community, a whole network of contacts, baristas, roasters, producers, coffee shop owners, and other coffee lovers. Their Instagram account is full of beautiful photos of cappuccinos, they are members of at least 5 groups of topics related to coffee on Facebook, and of course, they love to take photos of only things that have to do with coffee.

What is the best of all this? That you can learn a lot about this beautiful drink and you will be able to interact with others who share the same passion (probably obsession) around the world.


Just because you’re dating someone who loves coffee doesn’t mean you have to become the next World Barista Champion or an expert taster. But dating a coffee lover will show you how much there is to learn about coffee. You will understand better about coffee profiles and extraction methods (if you haven’t already), you will begin to appreciate all the dedication that exists behind the production of each coffee bean, plus it will be something that will unite them. even more as a couple.

And well, let’s be honest, who can say no to the charisma and enthusiasm that an over-caffeinated coffee lover possesses?

Tell us about your experiences with a coffee lover!

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