Can you make espresso without an espresso machine?

When you taste espresso, there is no turning back: either you love it or you hate it, but if you like it, any other type of coffee will seem strange in flavor and strength. The question is this:  Can you make espresso without an espresso machine? We fear not.

You can’t make espresso without an espresso machine.

Espresso coffee is the base of many types of coffee such as Cappuccino, latte, and many other drinks, and all of them are prepared using a very special type of coffee machine that provides us with high pressure to “move” the water to through ground coffee.

That’s the key: a high pressure ( water inlet pressure at 9 bar ± 1 ). 

And even if you have an espresso machine, you may not get the desired flavor the first time – not an easy task if you have a manual espresso machine.

What options for espresso machines do we have on the market?

The first thing you should consult is our espresso coffee maker guide, where we will tell you about its main strengths and maintenance tasks, then you can take a look at the  Opinions on espresso machines that we have written, where you will find some of the most popular models.

And if you want to hurry a little more, you can check the reviews of Automatic espresso machines or  Manual espresso machines. Super-automatic coffee makers are especially suitable if you don’t want to complicate your life a lot preparing your espresso coffee.

After reading these posts, you may have already had a good idea of the coffee machine you need.

What coffee machines of each type do we recommend?

The best manual espresso machine : Do you want to know which are the best manual espresso machines?

Are you losing the espresso machines? Do you want to try the best coffee you can prepare at home? 

If you are a coffee purist, it is clear that your coffee machine should be a   manual espresso machine. You know that they are the most complicated to use. But if you know how to do it well, the quality of the coffee you can get is very high.

The best manual espresso coffee maker
The best manual espresso coffee maker

The best automatic espresso machines:

Do you want to know which are the best automatic and super-automatic coffee machines? 

Do you want a cheap automatic coffee maker that gives you a good cup of coffee? With an integrated grinder? 

Until relatively recently, espresso machines were only seen in professional establishments such as coffee shops or restaurants, but that is no longer the case.

Yes, with manual espresso machines, you get greater control over the quality of the espresso obtained. With the automatic ones, you will control the volume of liquid, and indirectly the brewing time and its handling are easier.

Do you need a good coffee to prepare your espresso?

Do you need a good coffee to prepare your espresso

Clear. In addition to having a good espresso machine at home, you are going to have to buy good coffee beans and grind them at home. You will be surprised by the low price compared to Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee capsules. The savings can be considerable.

That said, we do not recommend that you buy the cheapest coffee beans on the market, and above all, you should not buy roasted coffee (it ruins the coffee machine).

From 10-15 USD per kg of coffee from coffee beans, you will obtain a very good quality. For about $20-$ 25,  you will be able to buy a coffee bean of very good quality and flavor.


Do you need a coffee grinder?

If you have bought a manual espresso machine, you will need a good grinder to grind your coffee beans. Nothing to buy ground coffee, which in the end tastes worse.

If you have bought an automatic espresso machine, it will come with a grinder included.

Espresso coffees are made with a much finer grind than what you would use for a French or drip coffee maker.

What is the ideal cup for an Italian Espresso?

It is a white porcelain cup, free of any interior decoration, elliptical in shape, with a capacity of 50 to 100 milliliters. This is the only cup in which it is possible to appreciate the appearance of an excellent foam. So the precious is the smell and the warm and smooth taste of espresso coffee.

And we cannot forget that good coffee is also usually accompanied by good pastries. Italians have it very clear.

What is the price of espresso machines?

You can buy an espresso machine from around 90 euros to 500 euros or more, which will influence its quality and characteristics. Philips, DeLonghi, Ufesa, Krups, Bosch, or Saeco have some of the most requested models with the best reviews. 

What other option do we have to make a coffee similar to espresso?

There aren’t any, but if you want something “similar”, you have to get a hydro-pressure coffee maker:

These steam coffee machines are designed to make coffee easily, similar to that of the coffee drip but can regulate its intensity depending on the water to put flavor. All have a vaporizer accessory to prepare milk foam (the big difference with drip froths). 

Its operation is very similar to that of espresso coffee machines. They have a filter holder with a handle and a filter normally made of stainless steel where we put the ground coffee. Only, they are very easy to use, cheaper, and offer less pressure. That’s why the taste of coffee is different.

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