Chefman Coffee Maker Review

The Chefman Insta Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker is coffee drinkers’ best friend. Not only does this coffee maker include a wonderful K-Cup pod’s reusable filter. It also heats making coffee in 30 seconds and has an automatic shut-off feature. You can make coffee with less water for a bolder flavor or more water for a milder taste. I will give you more information in my Chefman coffee maker review.

We purchased the Chefman Insta Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker so our reviewer could put it to the test.

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Chefman Insta Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker
Chefman Inst Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker

The benefit of a Chefman single-serve coffee maker is enormous. Not only is it great when you don’t have access to a stove, but many coffee makers brew your coffee bean much faster and quieter than another coffee maker. Some varieties even have the ability to control at the perfect temperature consistently. a convenient feature for extracting the best flavor from your coffee. One model that can do this and much more is the Chefman single-serve coffee maker. I tested the heating speed, overall design, additional features, and cleanability of this machine. Read on to see what I thought.


  • Ideal for making coffee
  • Keep warm function
  • 13.92 Ounces capacity
  • Compact Design
  • On touch operation


  • Difficult to clean
  • Blade grinder
  • not very resistant

Design: simple and convenient

The Chefman coffee maker is convenient because it is a compact 950-Watt coffee maker. If you’re ever in a place with narrow profile fits and stores anywhere, like a bedroom or an office or any size kitchen, this coffee maker is an easy solution. It is ideal for making soups, coffee, tea, and more.

The Chefman coffee maker is pretty basic in design and not fancy at all. There is a button on the front of the machine, which starts the time. Underneath, there are many clearly labeled buttons. The entire machine is black, except for the glass jug and buttons, which are gray / silver in color. I wasn’t a big fan of aesthetics as it is somewhat dated, but I appreciated its smaller size.

chefman coffee machine
chefman coffee machine



This coffee maker is a perfect size, measuring only 14 by 7.6 by 5.6 inches. It’s not irregularly shaped, nor does it take up a lot of counter space, which made it easy to find a place for it in my kitchen. Also, the size of the single-serve coffee maker, as well as the cord storage compartment located on the back of the machine, made this machine more convenient to store.

The Chefman coffee maker may have a simple design, but it can compete with the competition when it comes to the quality of your drip coffee.

What I didn’t like about this coffee maker is that it didn’t have a water window on the side of the machine. It indicates how much water was inside the tank. This is a fairly basic feature that many modern coffee machines have. I realized that I had to measure my water precisely before pouring it into the water tank to avoid overflowing. Then I only used the measurements labeled on the glass jar. So, I didn’t like the LED panel either; It was difficult to read due to its small size and the fact that there is no backlight.

Setup process: takes 20-30 minutes

The Chefman single-serve coffee maker’s setup is pretty standard and takes 20-30 minutes. The first step is to prepare and insert the charcoal filter, which takes most of the setup time. After the filter was properly placed in the machine, I ran the machine through a full 1.7 cup cycle with just water to clean the interior parts. This took another 10 minutes or so.

I found the setup time to be pretty standard compared to other coffee makers I’ve used.

Performance: Good drip coffee, plus several customization features

The Chefman single-serve Coffeemaker may have a simple design, but it can rival the competition when it comes to the quality of your drip coffee. I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of the brewed coffee, especially considering its low price. In addition to making a good drip, the Chefman brewer is very easy to use and works just like any standard brewer.

Simply fill the water tank with the desired amount, then add the coffee grounds to the filter located on the top of the machine. Next, insert the jug into the machine and press Brew. There is also a button to make a smaller batch 1-4 cups if a smaller batch is preferred.

This coffee machine includes a permanent gold-tone reusable filter, so there is no need to buy paper filters. However, if you prefer, the filter basket accommodates n paper coffee filters. 4. I tested the machine with the reusable filter and the paper filters and did not notice a significant difference in taste.

For such a small, basic-looking machine, it offers much more than you might expect.

How to set up

In addition to making good coffee, the coffee maker comes with a number of customizable settings. One of them is the fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer. Users can set the machine the night before to make a batch of coffee automatically in the morning.

How to brew

There is also an auto shut-off feature or keep warm setting that allows the user to set how long they want to keep their coffee hot. This coffee machine can be set for as little as 15 minutes after the coffee has finished brewing or up to 5 hours. If this function has not been configured, the machine defaults to a 2-hour warm-up period. I liked using the keep warm setting especially since I was able to enjoy hot coffee for hours after my coffee was made.

Other features include an adjustment of the water hardness level and an anti-drip system. This system allows the user to have a cup of coffee in the middle of the brew cycle without creating a big mess.

Ease of cleaning – standard cleaning required

Standard cleaning is required to care for your coffee maker. Simply remove and empty the grounds from the top of the machine and clean the pitcher and reusable filter. The filter basket, permanent gold-tone The filter, jug, and lid can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. The exterior of the machine can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

When descaling is necessary, the rubber drip tray is removable for easy cleaning between uses button lights up on the machine. The user can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly descale the unit.

Price: Offer for a single-serve coffee maker

This coffee maker retails for around $39.99, but you can find it on sale for around $39.99, which is a great deal considering the quality of the drip coffee and the number of convenient additional features. For such a small, basic-looking machine, it offers much more than you might expect.


Question: Is the provided cup plastic or glass?

Answer: gla

Question: Does this make good, hot coffee?

Answer: Yes. Very pleased so far.

Question: Do you froth first into a mug and how is that done?

pressing a button. The milk is not poured into the maker, is it?

Answer: You pour the milk in the glass cup provided, it will froth once you press the button

Question: Can you purchase a replacement cup?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Is the provided cup plastic or glass?

Answer: The cup is glass & has a wire coil that spins around the bottom of the cup which is what froths the milk. I don’t drink out of it I pour mine into a travel tumbler or regular coffee cup. I really love this coffee maker. It’s crazy I use flavored coffee creamer and if you froth it is sweet enough I don’t need to add sugar. When I made coffee in a regular coffee maker prior to getting this and would add the creamer I would still need to add some sugar. That’s good cuz less sugar intake for me.

Question: Does it heat and froth just milk alone?

Answer: Yes you can select to froth milk using hot froth or cold froth or by itself or froth milk and brew

Question: Is it programmable to turn on and off at a certain time?

Answer: No but you don’t need that. It’s pretty cool to watch and works wonders!

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