Espresso Vs ‘normal’ coffee, what’s the difference?

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Espresso vs ‘normal’ coffee,… How? Are they the two different types of coffee? How can you differentiate between espresso and ‘normal’ coffee? Do you tell me that we use different types of coffee beans? No, of course not, we are simply preparing it differently, and with other models of coffee makers.


Difference between espresso and ‘normal’ coffee

The key difference between espresso and ‘normal’ coffee is the brewing method used. Almost all espresso coffees are made with a much finer grind and not the coarse grind that you would use in a French or drip coffee maker. There are no “espresso beans.”

No matter where you buy the coffee beans, you always have to look on the label for Arabica coffee beans. They are the best. Yes, it is 100% Arabica better (and not Robusta). There is only one exception. To prepare espresso coffee, we may find a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans: it gives the coffee a different body and that is good for this type of coffee. You can also opt for a coffee with Robusta beans if you want an extra dose of caffeine: it has almost twice the caffeine of Arabica beans.

We recommend a few coffee beans for your espresso machine: 100% Arabic and 100% robust in the following entry:

LUCIFER’S ROAST – 100% Robusta bean coffee

LUCIFER'S Roast 500g Espresso

LUCIFER’s ROAST is one of the strongest coffees offered for sale in Europe (2.86% caffeine content). 100% Robusta beans that provide a very smooth cream, and are full of caffeine. The aroma and taste are really good.

It is a natural bean coffee, so you can use it without problem in your super-automatic coffee machine, but you can also try it in all kinds of coffee machines.

You can buy it in grain or ground, in packages of 500 grams or 1000 grams. The grain is cultivated in Vietnam, Indonesia, Guatemala (height), Nicaragua (height). Its price is not bad.

Lavazza Qualità ORO – Coffee beans 100% Arabica

Lavazza Qualità ORO

If you want to raise the level a bit, you have to go to Lavazza Café en Grano Espresso Qualità Oro, 100% Arabica. It is a bit more expensive, but it is also more aromatic with notes of fruits and flowers, and a sweet and refined taste.

Perfect for automatic coffee machines and coffee grinders. The roast is medium and it is 100% Arabica. It does not provide much cream. Perfect for coffee alone or with milk.


Espresso coffee looks better, doesn’t it? 

Espresso coffee looks better

That cream that forms on the top, that body, that freshly prepared smell. When the espresso machine expels the water under high pressure against the ground coffee it can dissolve more carbon dioxide, a compound that is produced in the coffee during the roasting process.

When the coffee is extracted by pressurized water ( 9 bars is enough ) and reaches our espresso cup, and the liquid returns to normal pressure, the water + coffee cannot retain all that gas, so it is they create small bubbles that adhere to each other and form the cream so characteristic of espresso coffee.

What lesson can we learn from this?-ESPRESSO VS ‘NORMAL’ COFFEE

If you are using freshly roasted coffee, it will have more cream, because more foam will be produced. Otherwise, less cream will form and you will know that the coffee has been disgusted for a long time in your favorite coffee shop.

How to prepare espresso coffee

How to prepare espresso coffee

The preparation of espresso coffee uses a combination of pressure and water using a specific coffee machine. The very finely ground coffee is placed in a filter holder basket so that it is more or less tight depending on the type of coffee we want to achieve, utilizing pressure, the water is sent through the finely ground coffee, and in about 15 -20 seconds we have a cup of espresso coffee.

And what about hydro-pressure coffee makers? 

 hydro-pressure coffee makers

Its operation is very similar to that of espresso coffee machines (they have a filter holder with a handle and a filter normally made of stainless steel where we put the ground coffee), only they are very easy to use, cheaper, and offer less pressure (that’s why the taste of coffee is different). The flavor of the coffee that we obtain is similar to that of drip coffee makers but being able to regulate its intensity depending on the water we put in.

Does espresso coffee have more caffeine?

What determines the amount of caffeine in coffee is the bean itself, the brewing method, time, grinding, etc. Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine (about 50% more) than arabica beans. A typical espresso would have approximately 64 mg of caffeine in a 30-gram espresso. So it depends on many factors.

What are Robusta coffee beans for? 

If we drink 100% Robusta coffee we will not enjoy it much, but it can be used as part of a blend with Arabica coffee to get more body in the coffee: many blends created to prepare espresso include robusta beans for that very reason.

Is Arabica coffee or Robusta coffee better?

Recommended espresso machines

At capuchinox we have made a few reviews and comparisons of the best espresso machines of the moment, those that will allow you to drink the best espresso you have ever tasted:

The best manual espresso machines:  

Do you want to know which are the best manual espresso machines? Are you losing the espresso machines? Do you want to try the best coffee you can prepare at home? Are you a coffee purist? It is clear that you should choose a manual espresso machine. Though the coffee machines are the most complicated to use, you know how to do it well. Then you will get the quality of the coffee that you can obtain is very high.

The best automatic espresso machines:  

Espresso machines

Do you want to know which are the best automatic and super-automatic coffee machines?  Do you want a cheap automatic coffee maker that gives you a good cup of coffee? With an integrated grinder? Until relatively recently, We only saw espresso machines everywhere in professional establishments such as coffee shops or restaurants, but that is no longer the case. Yes, with manual espresso machines you get greater control over the quality of the espresso obtained, with the automatic ones you will control the volume of liquid, and indirectly the brewing time and its handling are easier.

Espresso machines: 

Opinions and who are they suitable for: Espresso machines are the machines that every coffee purist should have. The first espresso machine was built and patented in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo in Turin, Italy, and has since become one of the most preferred types of coffee around the world. With the advancement of technologies, espresso machines have ended up in the homes of many people and not only in restaurants and coffee shops.

What are the differences between Capsule coffee machines vs manual espresso machines vs automatic espresso machines?: 

There are so many options to buy a good coffee machine right now, that it is quite difficult to decide on one or the other, but we are sure that each of us has a perfect coffee machine waiting for you. outside the door. Let’s compare three of the most popular types of coffee machines: capsule coffee machines vs. manual espresso machines vs. automatic espresso machines.

Espresso machines: 

buying guide: a general guide to knowing what type of coffee we are going to obtain with these models and what we can expect in terms of price and quality of the coffee. What kind of coffee do you get? What kind of maintenance do they need? Do you know what type of coffee you should be used in these coffee makers?