Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

Thinking of buying a Hamilton Beach 49980A? If you are a coffee enthusiast, go through this Hamilton Beach 49980A Review of a coffee lover like you to make the right choice.

Everybody believes that coffee is the best medicine in our life to remove our tiredness. It can change from bad mornings to make good mornings even better! 

Do you know what can be more blissful than holding a warm cup of Joe!  It smells like the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

If you want to make great coffee to deliver the perfect aroma and taste, you need the finest quality beans which are roasted no more than a week before. To make delicious coffee, you also need the right coffee maker.So, the Hamilton Beach 49980A does the job that is engineered to whip up a rich cup of coffee and several other products out there.

I got a lot of questions about Hamilton Beach 49980A  and whether it is worth the money. For these reasons, I want to do a detailed review of the 49980A model. 

Today I also tried to compare it with 49980z to find out which is better.

Why is it for you?
  • Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, 
  • Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, 
  • Stainless Steel (49980A), 
  • Carafe

This machine brews 2 ways that help you to enjoy either a single-serve cup (travel mug not included) or a full pot of coffee with the 12-cup carafe.

It is fully programmable. When you wake up, you will get a hot cup of coffee with fully programmable functionality and auto-shutoff.

You can adjust it to your cup. Besides, you can brew the coffee beans directly into the carafe, a travel mug (not included), or a short cup (not included).

It is a convenient single-serve. It is easy to brew a cup for one using loose, ground coffee.

This coffee maker machine has smart features. It includes a brew strength selector (regular or bold. so it can keep-hot warming plate and more.

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Hamilton Beach 49980A Features

Firstly, I want to talk about Hamilton Beach 49980A and its features.

Hamilton Beach 49980A has a long history. It comes from the house of an American company. This American company derives its name from two different names – L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach. This machine company manufactures small home appliances. Then it declares coffee machines that are one of its premium products.

hamilton beach 12 cup coffee maker
hamilton beach 12 cup coffee maker

The company makes many machines.Coffee machines are one of the several appliances. Hamilton Beach coffee makers have already ranked.It is  one of the best coffee makers in the market. The company pays attention mostly to the finer details.This company  always wants to deliver products equipped with useful features. Hamilton Beach 49980A is the perfect example in the coffee market.

Construction And Make

In my mind, when buying a coffee maker, I decided the first thing is durability. As a coffee lover like me, you will be using this appliance every day. So it should be strong enough to last for long and provide long service. Hamilton Beach 49980A has good scores. The necessary factor is the aesthetic appeal and scores.

This machine’s exterior is made of durable stainless steel. The company makes these machine parts that are made of hard plastic. So it gives a sophisticated look to the device. When I chose it,I found the digital display easy to operate, and the transparent carafe lets you see the action taking place.

Compact Design

The Hamilton Beach 49980A has a sturdy construction. But it also has a compact design. So it can fit well in your kitchen countertop. You can see the water reservoir is large in size. But it’s compactly designed. So you can save space in your kitchen. Besides, it has also a single cup side reservoir. It is for one-time fillings.

Why do I love the design? Because the engineers have taken care of every usability aspect, the company made 49980A work like a charm. This two-way coffee maker machine has come with a multilevel cup adjuster. As a result, it can accommodate cups of various sizes.

It comes with different sizes of coffee cups filled with coffee and a donut for breakfast.

Hamilton Beach 49980A can accommodate cups of various sizes that help to make your joe.

It is A two-way brewer that usually gives you an image of a bulky appliance. But this is not the case with 49980A. It is a drip coffee maker and also features an easy-to-use control panel. The company makes it easy to set different programs for your perfect cuppa.


Hamilton Beach 49980A never compromises with the performance tp scores in the looks category. So I appreciate it.

The 49980A has some practical functions enabling the coffee maker. It delivers a great performance.

When I have friends visiting me,I use the full 12-cup carafe. On the other hand, When I am alone, I get the convenience to use it as a single-serve coffee machine. Because it is a 2-way brewing machine.

It has a single-serve water reservoir. So it enables users to take advantage of the convenient one-time filling.

I absolutely like it because it has a multi-level cup rest. It is another feature that fits mugs of different sizes.

When I want to enjoy my coffee for a long, I prefer my regular cups on weekdays. Besides, I also prefer the large mugs for the weekends. This is why the brew basket comes with a ground strainer. So, I use pre-packaged pods or freshly ground coffee.

On the other hand, when I serve coffee to entertain my guests at home it becomes a breeze. I often watch movies on Netflix. I am in the mood for a coffee binge. Then I like using it . When we are all talking about several cups of coffee, I love the brew strength selector. It allows users to enjoy coffee of different strengths ranging from standard to bold. By working it perfectly, people always like to enjoy strong Java in the morning, a medium cup during the day, and a mild Joe at night.

Programmable Settings

This is a 24-hour programmable device that also fits into your daily routine seamlessly. It also adds more advantages to your life. If you  specify the hour,you can pre-set the device. And it needs a minute to brew your morning coffee at the desired time. Don’t worry about it.

This coffee maker machine has an inbuilt programmable clock.So, you can adjust your preferred settings with it.It helps program the device up to 24 hours in advance to brew a cup of coffee at the right time. For this reason, I prefer to set it up at night for a relaxed morning.

When you start doing morning duties just wake up.Then take a shower, and pour out a hot cup of delicious coffee. The Hamilton Beach 49980A prepares the coffee for you in the morning.

Ease Of Use

I am lazy. So I always look for a coffee maker machine that is easy to use.I don’t know about others. When I need to clean the appliance, I search for a less maintenance device. The Hamilton Beach 49980A fits the bill perfectly as it’s not only user-friendly but easy to clean too and I like it very much.

It has simple push buttons on the side that let you choose your preferred strength. And then it brews a regular or bold coffee. Besides, it requires low maintenance because the device is easy to clean.

When it comes to cleaning the device, you can simply pull out the filters. And then you need to wash them directly under the tap. By using a dishwasher, you may clean the filter and filter basket. Without getting into the hassle of cleaning a large coffee pot every time, choose the option of single-cup brewing.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Hamilton beach 49980A for selecting your right coffee machine.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review-Pros

  • It has a single-serve brew basket.
  • Besides, it has also a mesh filter that can hold pre-packaged soft pods or ground coffee
  • You can choose between different coffee strengths to suit your diverse moods
  • It provides you the advantage to brew in two ways using the single cup or full 12-cup carafe.
  • But it comes with a programmable timer with a two-hour automatic shut off to save energy.
  • This machine has an automatic pause and serve feature allowing you to pour a cup of coffee while it is still brewing.
  • It helps you to brew a single cup in 1 minute and a whole pot in about 20 minutes.
  • But, it is made of stainless steel and hard plastic adding durability to the device and ensures that it lasts for long
  • By  allowing it  you can use pods if you are running out of time to grind coffee
  • With the single-serve side, it can accommodate cups and mugs of different sizes.
  • This machine is with a quick Start’ guide by the manufacturer with step-by-step instructions for brewing
  • This machine gives you friendly customer support service that is available through a toll-free number.
  • It has a one-year warranty and the manufacturer stands behind the product.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review-Cons

  • It does not include a hot water dispenser
  • It is not compatible with K-cups

FAQs About Hamilton Beach 49980A

What Do You Like Best About The Coffee Maker?

The Hamilton Beach 49980A allows the customers to prepare their desirable amount of coffee.Kost of the customers like the single-serve brewer option.

It minimizes waste.So you don’t need to throw away the excess coffee. You can just add two tablespoons of coffee grounds.Then it gives you your drink brew.

Does it allow you to brew The Single-Serve And Whole Pot At The Same Time?

No, you cannot.It allows you to brew only one size at a time. But you can switch between the options if you want to suit your preferences.

How Long Does It Take To Brew The Full 12-Cup Carafe?

Within 15-20 minutes it prepares for the full pot of coffee to brew while the single-cup takes only about 1 minute. Within 60 seconds you can prepare a full 14 oz. cup of coffee.

When having the entire family at home or friends coming over, the 12-cup carafe can make enough coffee for all. By saving time, you can program the device in advance. So it brews coffee within 5 minutes before you intend to drink it. It works both with single-serve and coffee pots.

Do you know The Machine Beep After The Brewing Is Done?

No, it does can be both good and bad. Most people don’t like to beep the machine because they find it annoying. Other people like the machine making a beep sound. They indicate that the coffee is ready to pour.

Do you know What Is The Common Feedback Regarding The Quality Of Coffee Produced?

When it comes to buying a coffee machine I looked at the different customer reviews and feedback. And then I found that most people are happy with the quality of coffee produced. One  of the customers said coffee is hot enough to let him add some chilled milk to it for better coffee. Another customer feels the single-serve delivers fuller and stronger coffee than the carafe with this Hamilton Beach 49980A.

Some people like their coffee with milk, saying there is enough space in the single-serve cup. Then it can add dairy to enhance the taste.

Can I Prepare Other Drinks Other Than Coffee?

 I never use the appliance for anything other than coffee. So, there are some people who have used it. This can make tea and hot chocolate drinks.

People use the single-serve option to heat water. And then add instant tea or cocoa mix to get a hot drink. Besides, some people also prefer to use iced coffee by adding ice cubes to the freshly made brew.

Can I Use Coffee Pods For This Machine?

Yes, you can. The coffee maker machine accepts Senseo pods in its single-serve side. The Maxwell House filter packs fit the 12-cup coffee pot. Therefore, you may use it well with ground coffee. However, you can not use K-cups with it.

What Are The Maintenance Needs Of The Machine?

The Hamilton Beach 49980A requires low maintenance. By taking good care of the device, it will ensure long-lasting. When coming to questions for cleaning the carafe, you may use mild soap and water or you may put it in the dishwasher.

If you want to use the coffee maker daily, you can consider neutralizing it. Once in a while if you are running a mixture of water and white vinegar through it, you can neutralize easily.  You can just use a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt to clean the exterior.

How Does The Hamilton Beach 49980A Compare With Other Brands?

When I looked at some of the customer reviews from people who have used coffee makers from different brands before, most of them are happy with the 49980A.

A customer has used a Keurig coffee maker before. He said that the single-serve portion takes time to brew. But it gives the resulting coffee tasting better. He also can make the 49980A  bolder and stronger coffee.

Another customer replaced their Keurig with the Hamilton Beach 49980A  because the K-cups were a huge ecological waste.

Do you know where The Hamilton Beach 49980A is Made?

Yes, I know The product is made in China.

Are There Any Limitations To This Coffee Maker?

Yes, you will get many limitations in it like a built-in grinder, water filters, temperature control, self-cleaning functionality, and a mesh basket liner for the coffee pot.

Truly I do not use K-cups. So it is not a big problem for me. 

It is your own choice to use them, the 49980A does not accommodate K-cups. It will be disappointing to you.

How to Get The Most Out Of The Hamilton Beach 49980A with 7 Tips

By  having bought a Hamilton Beach 49980A.On the other hand, you are thinking of buying one. Then I would like to tell you that it’s a wise decision. The Hamilton Beach 49980A is not only durable but also offers good value for money.

hamilton beach coffee maker
I will give you some tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

Almost everybody knows every coffee maker is different. So you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure. You should not assume anything. You need to follow the directions for setup, cleaning, and troubleshooting.

This is a durable coffee maker. Yet I would suggest you thoroughly cleaning the appliance when you finish brewing your coffee because it stays at its best and delivers the perfect flavor every time!

By using your coffee maker daily, you need to make sure you descale it frequently with vinegar. And then water to neutralize and sanitize the device.

Else if you want to enjoy the perfect flavor and aroma, always use the best quality coffee beans. You can get the low-quality beans available at a steep discount. It may save you money but not give you the same experience.

You must ensure you never pre-grind your coffee beans as the flavor starts depleting soon after. So, you may make sure you grind coffee just before brewing your drink.

You should avoid overfilling the filter in an attempt to enhance the flavor. It will give you more results in leakage. And it may even dilute the flavor. For this reason, the extraction will not take place properly. You must use a bold setting instead when you need a more intense taste from your coffee.

It is the time when you want intense flavors in your coffee, make a coarser grind. Then you need to adjust the bold settings to enjoy a strong brew. If you want to get the best flavor, you have to choose coffee beans. I know they have been roasted less than a week before.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review-The Final Words

From the above information,I truly feel that the Hamilton Beach 49980A was built with coffee lovers in mind when they will go to buy. 

By taking care of little things that can enrich your coffee experience. This coffee maker machine is versatile. It has compactly designed equipment that comes packed with features but doesn’t eat up your counter space.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A offers a two-way brewer on adds a lot of convenience to coffee making. I have experience using it. When my entire family is home, the single cup works fine for me. I have friends come over to watch the Super Bowl game together while drinking their desirable coffee.

Not sure More than anything else, I believe that it has the easily programmable settings to make the Hamilton Beach 49980A stand above the rest.It will help you with the convenience of rolling out of bed. It treats your senses. You may get the intoxicating flavor of coffee first thing in the morning is unbeatable!

Whether you wish to buy a coffee maker, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is complete because it has come equipped with more features and functionality.Here is the right place If you are looking to buy a coffee maker that delivers what it promises, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is the way to go!

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