How to clean a clogged coffee maker

Table of Contents

Most people use tap water to make breakfast coffee that can lead to problems with the coffee maker over time. Minerals from tap water can build up inside the coffee maker and cause it to clog. There are commercial products to clean clogged coffee makers, but you can save that money by using plain vinegar do so.


Step 1
Unplug the coffee maker and make sure it’s cold.

Step 2
Fill the coffee pot’s water tank with white vinegar and plug it back in.

Step 3
Insert a filter and run the coffee maker halfway through the regular coffee brewing cycle.

Step 4
Let the vinegar mixture sit in the coffee maker for at least 15 minutes to soften the scale deposits. You need to turn the coffee maker back on. Thus you can complete the cycle.

Step 5
Discard the vinegar and fill the tank with cold water. Complete two or three cycles with the cold water until the vinegar has completely drained from the coffee maker.

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