how to clean Bodum French press

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To ensure that we make the best coffee at home with a Bodum French press maker, cleaning is essential.
In this post, I will show you in just 5 simple steps how to clean Bodum french press. You do not need to leave any residue. And make sure each coffee we prepare is the best coffee at home.

I am a big fan of a French coffee maker like Bodum or plunger coffee maker. It first appeared in 1806. But the system was not patented until 1852 and since then it has changed very little. I love this system above al. Because it is simple to use it. And it’s comfortable when it is cleaned and maintained.

However, in spite of being an easy-to-clean coffee maker, it is good to consider some factors. They will help keep it in good condition and that each cup of coffee is perfect.

Why is cleaning a French printing press so important?

Keeping your plunger clean requires more than just removing the reasons and washing it off immediately. With consumption, the coffee leaves an oily residue in the glass carafe and filtration system. These oily residues cannot be removed with hot water alone. This oil, if not diluted properly, can make your coffee cup sour or bitter. Getting rid of clutter, washing well, and drying separately can work for a few days. But at least once a week requires deep cleansing.

you have digestive problems.

Probably the most unpopular part of cleaning a French press is to remove the underlying reasons from the pot. Although the most common thing in coffee plunger machines is to use “broken” grinding, many people prefer the best grinding. So they prefer their coffee to be darker and thicker.

Consider it. If you use coffee that is too concentrated. The extra particles will stick to the filter system, making it harder to clean. And you will need more frequent cleaning.

It is not advisable to throw the reasons down the sink as they can clog the pipes. It is better to use a spoon or spatula and throw everything in the organic waste. Even if there is a small residue in the jug that will not block. sink.

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Cleaning Bodum French press coffee maker

One of the secrets to finding the best, most delicious, and fragrant coffee is to preserve a flawless French coffee maker. That’s why it’s important to clean up a French coffee maker after each preparation.

According to the process that I have mentioned below, it is very easy. It is one of those coffee machines whose storage does not require much work.

French Bodum coffee maker
French Bodum coffee maker

Step 1: Separate the French Bodum coffee maker to clean it

The first thing we do is remove the piston or plunger and discard the coffee residue. Remember that if we do this while the coffee maker is hot, cleaning will be easier. Besides, it is easier to remove the sticky oil.

Step 2: Washing parts of the coffee maker

Whether your coffee maker is made of glass or stainless steel, you need good care. Then you should ensure that your coffee maker will be with you for many years. So it is easy to wash with hot water and that will help you use very little soap.

By using a container brush inside and a soft outer sponge and lid, you will avoid grinding the coffee maker. You can maintain its soft and beautiful appearance.

Step 3: Clean the filter

Finally, we wash the filter with a small brush, and spring perimeter and lower support. These pieces are usually made of stainless steel. So their proper cleaning ensures that your next preparation does not get the taste of the previous preparation.

Step 4: Integrating French Press Coffee Maker

Once all the ingredients of the coffee maker are clean and dry, reassembled. And your Bodum French coffee maker will be in perfect condition for the next preparation.