How to clean the coffee maker with vinegar and other natural products that you should know

If we want to prolong the useful life of this appliance, it is very important that we clean the coffee maker regularly so that the remains do not accumulate.

The coffee maker may be one of the kitchen appliances that we use the most on a daily basis. For this same reason, it tends to get dirty or stained easily if we do not maintain regular cleaning.

Coffee brewed in a dirty or unmaintained coffee maker can leave a strange and unpleasant aftertaste. If you are looking to have a pristine coffee maker, we tell you how you can clean it with vinegar and other natural products. So you can avoid using chemical or industrial cleaners that pollute the environment and are less sustainable.


Do you know how to clean your coffee maker with vinegar?

As you may know, vinegar is a natural cleaner that is used for many household cleaning tasks; It is a perfect home remedy to remove difficult stains, and clean glass, and tiles, among others. It is one of the products that should never be missing in a home, since it is very practical when it comes to cleaning a large number of surfaces, economically and above all ecologically.

To optimize the cleaning process, we have to differentiate between two types of coffee makers: the coffee maker as an ‘ appliance ‘ and the Italian coffee maker that is made over a fire.

How to clean a coffee machine

  • Materials
  • Water
  • White vinegar

What should you do?

  • Clean all traces of coffee from the carafe, and empty the coffee container and the old and used filter.
  • Rinse the coffee pot with cold water and fill it with two parts water and one part white vinegar.
  • Leave this vinegar and water solution in the tank and turn on the machine as if you were going to prepare the coffee in the normal way. If the coffee maker has finished its cycle, turn it off.
Let this preparation rest for 15 minutes.

After the indicated time,  wash the remaining vinegar with boiling water. Pour boiling water through the filters and let it pass through. Once the remains of the vinegar have been eliminated, it will be ready for normal use.

It is ideal to perform this procedure once a month for the best results. We must bear in mind that it is a home appliance that is used practically every day of the year. If you haven’t cleaned your machine for a long time,  repeat this preparation of vinegar and water twice to remove all residue and coffee grounds that have been embedded.

  • Cleaning an Italian coffee pot with vinegar
  • Boil water with vinegar

First, fill the tank with water and vinegar and bring it to a boil. For each part of vinegar, three parts of water are needed. You must never exceed the valve because, otherwise, it would be clogged.

Place the coffee filter on top of the coffee maker. Boil it until all the mixture evaporates and you find it at the top. We are actually making coffee without the ground product as if we were making coffee.


Remove the coffee maker from its base and clean the inside

Once we have all the liquid at the top, we empty the result. With the help of a scourer, we will rub until we remove all the stains from the interior until it acquires shine.

Following that, we will use a scouring pad made of steel to clean the base. We will use soap and rub in a circular motion until the area is clean. We have to be careful because we could leave marks if we press too hard on the surface.

Clean valve and filter

The valve of the coffee machines is that little sneak that is located halfway up the water tank. We should not exceed it since it marks the water level.

Whenever you use a coffee filter, you should clean it after cooling. Keeping it free of impurities and clean is vital so that it doesn’t clog. If it gets clogged, the steam will not come out of the holes and it will lead to a bad coffee.

Do not abandon the coffee maker, let alone neglect the small details such as the filter and the valve!

How to clean the coffee maker with vinegar and other natural products

Clean coffee machines with natural products

We find other natural products that can also help us in this cleaning task. They are just as natural and ecological as ingredients like vinegar. In this article, we explain how to clean your coffee maker using these ingredients.

Clean the coffee maker with lemon juice.

  • It is well known that lemon juice has an antibacterial effect similar to that of vinegar, and for this reason, the procedure is quite similar.
  • To clean it we will use the same system as with vinegar, but this time we will use one part of water for two parts of lemon juice.
  • This juice will work very well to remove the remains deposited in the filter of our coffee maker.

Clean the coffee maker with baking soda

Baking soda is also one of the quintessential products for household chores. For this reason, it is also perfect for removing the remains of our coffee maker and keeping it pristine.

In order to clean the inside of the coffee maker, you need to apply a little baking soda to a damp cloth. Then rinse to remove the remains.

Clean the coffee maker with cleaning and descaling tablets

  • When cleaning capsule coffee machines, you can effectively remove limescale with just one tablet.
  • They are used in a very simple way since it is enough to drop a tablet into the water tank and then turn it on.
  • Newer machines usually have a cleaning cycle. If this is not the case, we can use the normal cycle.

Coffee maker cleaning

As we have seen, cleaning the coffee maker does not have to be expensive. We can create a useful and effective cleaning routine so that we can keep it in good condition for longer. In this case, we have seen how some natural and household ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda can be used to clean all the impurities that have been deposited over time


Do not hesitate to put these tips into practice the next time you see that you need to leave it as good as new

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