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It is in many homes, although it is often used more like a teapot or to prepare herbal teas. The truth is that the French press a type of piston or piston coffee maker with which you can get an excellent cup of coffee easily and quickly.

The origin of the French press coffee maker disputed between the French and the Italians. The truth is that in 1850 the first version of the plunger coffee maker was already used in French kitchens. This first version of the French press had some flaws, as the coffee leaked from the sides. And the resulting brew was not clean.


In 1929 the Italian Attilio Calimari patented the first French press coffee maker with a flexible spring around the filter; a coffee maker very similar to the current one and that was perfected with designs by Bruno Castle and the Swiss Faliero Bondanini. The latter popularized the coffee maker in France first and in the rest of Europe later.

The plunger coffee maker that we know today consists of three parts: a jug, a plunger that adjusts to the rims, and a lid. The French coffee press system has many advantages.

How can coffee brew?

A large quantity of coffee can be brewed quickly. It does not need electricity. So it is easy to clean and is maintenance-free. It is ideal to obtain a good coffee, intense and tasty, without complicating your life.

French press coffee is full-bodied and denser, retaining more coffee oils than other coffee makers. The filter system of the French press is also responsible for a slightly grittier texture of the brew. French Press Coffee Maker
Using the French press to make coffee is easy. But you have to take into account some previous details so that the result is perfect:

Use roasted coffee beans and grind them at the moment. Plunger coffee makers require coarsely ground coffee. As we cannot always control the degree of grinding in ready-made coffees. It is best to get hold of a grinder and a packet of Bonka coffee beans.

To know if the grinding is adequate, we can take a pinch of coffee with our fingers. If it comes off well and does not leave a stain it is correct. If any stain remains, it is too fine.


How can french grind coffee?

The type of grinding is not a fad. French press coffee makers work with the same infusion method as tea.The water must have a contact surface with the coffee to extract all the aromas and flavors.

If it is very fine there is almost no contact surface and we only obtain bitter and unpleasant flavors.

Preheating the jug is essential so that it does not lose temperature too quickly.To do this, the easiest thing is to fill it with hot water and then empty it.She will be ready.

Water is as important as coffee. It is better to use mineral or filtered water. And we must heat it up to 92 or 93 C. To avoid being hung up on the thermometer, a good method is to boil water. Let it rests for 15 to 30 seconds before adding it to the coffee.

What dose of coffee should be used in this coffee maker?

It depends on the taste of each one. But as a general rule, a proportion of 1 gram of coffee per 15 milliliters of water is used. If we translate it into cups, to prepare 2 cups of coffee you need 210 milliliters of water and 14 grams of coffee.

Of course, this ratio can vary to obtain a more or less intense coffee. How to make French press coffee Using roasted coffee beans Preheat the jug Heat water up to 92 degrees. Add the ground coffee to the carafe adds hot water Stir well add the lid Press the plunger slowly Serve at the moment

How to make French press coffee

Once we have everything ready, preparing coffee in this type of coffee maker is very easy.

  • We put the ground coffee in the jug
  • Then We add the hot water little by little
  • We stir well
  • So We put the lid (without pressing the plunger) and let the coffee infuse between 3 and 5 minutes.
  • We press the plunger slowly and carefully to separate the ground coffee from the infusion.
  • Besides We serve at the moment.

The infusion time is approximate and the type of coffee must be taken into account. For example, for a light roast coffee. We need at least 5 minutes to extract the aromas and flavors. On the other hand, for a dark roast coffee, 3 minutes is more than enough if we do not want a coffee that is too bitter.


Finally, when preparing a French press coffee. Keep in mind that it must be served immediately. If there is coffee left over, it is better to transfer it to a thermos or other container so that it does not remain in contact with the grounds. If we leave it in the coffee pot for longer, it will become too bitter