how to use a french press coffee maker to make a good coffee

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How to prepare coffee with the french press?

You just bring out your closet’s coffee press? If like me, you forgot the recipe for making a good coffee. Here is a little remedial lesson on the best French Press recipe. You will get everything in my article- HOW TO USE A FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKER.

For me, the French press is surely one of the easiest methods to use to brew filter-type coffee. It has excellent cup quality.

In a few minutes, it is easy to obtain a coffee with a lot of body and beautiful aromatic power. This is one of the reasons why the French press is often used to taste pure origin coffees.

Be careful. However: a misstep and the experience can turn into a nightmare with the result. Coffee is either too strong or too loose.


The size of the grind of your coffee is perhaps the most important element of the recipe.

It is strongly recommended to choose ground coffee with a coarse grind. “Coarse” means very coarse, the reverse of “finely ground”.

This grinding will prevent the coffee grounds from passing through the filter. And above all makes it possible to offer more delicate and sweet aromas than a very fine grind. I admit that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find an adequate grind in supermarkets. You will probably find what you are looking for among all our grinds suitable for French presses.

Keep in mind that the ideal is obviously to grind your coffee at the last moment, using a suitable grinder. You will thus obtain a freshly ground coffee. It will have a maximum of aromas and the greatest strength of taste. You can also find our selection of the best coffees for the French press.



For my part, I always choose coffee beans that I grind at the last moment.

Here are my favorite coffees for my French press:

Honduras Clave del Sol – Cafés Lugat: find notes of cassis, black tea, plum and mango.

Come on, follow me, I’ll reveal the secret of the recipe and the perfect dosage for your French press!

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker – History of French Press

The French press, which is also called pressure coffee maker, Bodum ™ coffee maker, Melior coffee maker, is originally a French invention under the name of the coffee, tea, and infusions filter-presser. This is why it is also called the “French press” in the USA.

During my research on the subject a few years ago, I came to the conclusion that the first patent for a French press had been filed on April 2, 1929, by a Milanese named Attilio Calimani. Then in August 1959, another Italian, Faliero Bondanini, filed a patent for his version of the French press. The latter then launched production in a French clarinet factory called Martin SA. Bondanini’s version has become very popular in France. It was also popularized in Europe by a British company called ‘Household Articles Ltd’, and eventually by the Danish kitchenware company Bodum.

Where French press invented?

This is where I was until someone presenting himself as the great-grandson of a man named Marcel-Pierre Paquet aka Jolbert provided me with proof that the French press is really a French invention, patent. supporting!

I would therefore like to warmly thank Mr. Gilles FORTABAT, great-grandson of the inventor of this wonderful coffee maker, for allowing me to distribute this 4-page document. It explains in detail the constitution and operation of this coffee maker.

You will notice that the patent was filed on January 11, 1923. But it issued on April 26, 1924, and officially published on August 5, 1924, nearly five years before the Italian patent!

The fact remains that now we consider it the best way to enjoy a coffee. So, the proof is that coffee roasters and importers use it to taste and appreciate each coffee.

Today, the Bodum ™ brand is the one that has best highlighted the qualities of this type of coffee maker. The tests below were carried out with the Bodum Brazil model.

The coffee maker-How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker

Importantly, making a good coffee does not necessarily require an overpriced machine, and in terms of energy saving. But the French press is the champion, we do not do better.

It is very easy to obtain this type of coffee maker. I recommend the Bodum and Bialetti models in particular, just find the coffee maker you like and the appropriate capacity.

So I’m going to use a Bodum French press, a measuring spoon, and a white porcelain cup. To heat the water I use an electric kettle.

An important detail is the capacity of the coffee maker. No need to take a one-liter model if you are alone to drink coffee, plan the model according to your consumption habits, in this way, it will be easy to dose coffee.

best french press coffee maker is generally available with a capacity of 35cl, 50cl, or 1L.

How can you make Ground Coffee?

How can you make Ground Coffee

We use this type of coffee for preparation is preferably pure Arabic coffee (original coffee or a blend).

I chose to use the Prestige Mix (in beans). Then I grind it coarsely with a professional Santos coffee grinder (position 12/13).

It takes a coarse grind so that the grounds do not pass through the plunger screen. So it will invariably happen with a store-bought grind that is always too fine.

You can therefore either order the piston grind on our online store. Or grind your coffee beans yourself with a small electric grinder. So it will do very well.

Coffee preparation

Count 7 to 10g of ground coffee per cup (approximately 150 ml). I use a slightly rounded filled tablespoon to have 10g,

I pour the equivalent of 20g of ground coffee to make two cups,

Water heated to about 85 ° C (water should not be boiling) is poured into the coffee maker. Pouring boiling water on the coffee will burn it and destroy its aromas,

I then use a Chinese chopstick to mix the coffee and water well. Besides,we reposition the plunger cover, leaving the grid well above the preparation (plunger in the high position),

Now we wait about 5 minutes, no less. Personally, I let the coffee infuse for 7 minutes.

Gently lower the plunger to capture the coffee grounds at the bottom of the container. Serve in cups preheated with hot water.

The Result in the Cup

Look at this beautiful color, there is something captivating about the contrast between the coffee and the cup … don’t you think?

I hurried to taste this coffee before it got cold. I can only tell you that it was a delicious time.

This type of coffee preparation really brings out all the aromas and scents of the coffee. So, it works properly. You just need a little patience, unlike the espresso which is very quick to achieve.

I usually reserve the French press to enjoy precious coffees. But above all, it is a simple and economical way to fully enjoy a good coffee.
Hop Café strongly recommends this type of material, at a very affordable price. And we will be happy to prepare a piston grind with the coffee of your choice.

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