How to use a Mr. Coffee Grinder IDS50

The Mr. Coffee IDS50 is an inexpensive coffee grinder with a capacity of 2.3 oz. You can grind enough beans for 12 cups of coffee at the same time. The safety switch on the device is designed so that the blades will not move if the cover is properly secured with the switch on its track. The depth cover can hold all the coffee grounds when you do grinding, so you can easily transfer them to the coffee machine


Things You Need

  • Mr. Coffee Grinder IDS50
  • Measuring Coffee Beans Scoop
  • Linen or Paper Towel
  • Instructions of Warm, Soapy Water
  • Wipe the blades, grinding bowl, and cover with a lint-free cloth before using. Make sure the machine is not plugged in while you are doing this.

Remove the lid and measure out enough beans for the amount of coffee you want to brew, using the scoop that came with your coffee grinder. Use 1.5 scoops of coffee to grind into three tablespoons of coffee grounds, which is enough for two 5-ounce cups of coffee. Put the beans in the grinding bowl.

Place the lid on the grinder and plug in the appliance.

Hold the lid and press the safety switch down in its track, holding it for nine seconds for a regular grind using 5.5 beanballs.

For drip grind, hold down for 15 seconds using 5.5 beanballs. For an espresso grind, hold for 12 to 15 seconds using 3-scoops of beans.

If you are grinding a small number of coffee beans, you can grind them for less time.
Release the button and wait at least 10 seconds for the blades to stop completely. Unplug the device.

Secure the cover with one hand and turn the grinder upside down. Press the bottom of the device lightly to make sure all the designs fall into the cover.

Remove the lid while the appliance is upside down, and pour the designs into your coffee maker.

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