Iced coffee and cold coffee: perfect for summer

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Sure you know the coffee with ice, but… And the cold coffee (cola brew)? In summer, it is sure that you most want to drink the type of coffee which is one with ice. If you go to any cafeteria, you will be able to pour a few ice cubes in your coffee. And if you go to a Starbucks, you have drinks with ice that are a little more elaborate but somewhat more expensive. In this article iced coffee and cold coffee, you will get more information when you should take it?


What if we want to make an iced coffee at home? 

Let’s see what options we have.

1.-We make coffee in a drip coffee maker and put it in the refrigerator

The most obvious and cheapest way. We make the coffee in a drip coffee maker, put the jug in the fridge, let it cool down, and then fill the jug with crushed or cubed ice. We have not discovered anything new on the horizon. You just have to have a good drip coffee maker or a plunger or French coffee maker to make coffee in large quantities. Our recommendations are as follows:

2.-We use a “cold” coffee maker (Cold Brew)

Some companies sell cold brewing systems. For example, Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot Brown 1000ml MCPN-14CBR, the  Toddy T2N Cold Brew System, or coffee drip Brew Cold Dripper of Dripster are designed to brew coffee with coffee and cold water. These systems take around 24 hours to complete the cycle. And they can prepare a coffee concentrate that you can then store in the fridge. Thus you can use it to make your iced coffee drinks. Besides, the coffee can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator without losing any of its flavors. If you want to make cold brew coffee, you need the best cold brew coffee maker.

These systems offer the added advantage of making coffee that is less acidic (good news for coffee lovers with delicate stomachs).

When is Iced coffee any cold coffee with ice added?

Cold coffee describes a way of making coffee. The coffee is made with cold water from the beginning, and the process takes about 24 hours. It never gets hot.

eye! You can also brew a cold coffee with a coffee maker like Chemex or a very large coffee maker. You can also choose to do it without any type of coffee maker. It is very simple by following these steps:

You have to grind the coffee beans (about 120 grams) until you get a coarse grind.

Place the coffee on the muslin cloth and tie the top with thread to create a large “coffee bag.”

You have to immerse the bag in a container with water (1 liter more or less) until the coffee is completely wet.

So, you might stand at room temperature overnight (about 12 hours) when you make it.

Remove the bag from the container with water and squeeze very hard so that the coffee comes out.

Store the brewed coffee and put it in the fridge for a few hours to drink it cold.

3.-Drinks of coffee with ice and espresso

We can also make an espresso and then make a latte with ice. We put the espresso coffee (double if possible) in a tall glass, add cold milk, caramel, or sugar, and then a little crushed ice. The perfect point is given by the cream on top.