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If you are looking for a great cup of specialty coffee minus the high Starbucks price then I would suggest getting the Keurig k15 coffee maker. Keurig K15 offers an excellent selection of machines to decide on, while it depends on your budget. In the Keurig K15 review, you can find that It’s also a great sign for guests to start packing at the end of a dinner. The problem is, with so many single-cup brewers huddling on kitchen countertops, making enough coffee for everyone sometimes seems like it can last as long as dinner.

How does it work?-KEURIG K15 REVIEW

All Keurig gourmet coffee brewing systems use the patented K cup system. This is a nice single-serving system. The system works by having a vacuum-sealed mug containing your favorite coffee, tea, cider, or coconut. 

The K cup fits on the head of the Keurig Gourmet Java Brewing Systems coffee maker. Inside the casting head, an upper and a lower needle pierce the container.

The hot water flows through the K cup and out of the infusion head into the Java cup. This eliminates the need to measure the terrains of the java. 

Together you save clutter. When you’re done, you just take the cup from the head of the coffee and throw it in the trash. Nothing easier. The only thing to remember with the K-cup system is that the bigger the cup of coffee, the weaker the coffee.

how does it work
how does it work


  • Small and personal
  • Water reservoir
  • Single Cup
  • 6-10 oz
  • Drip tray
  • 2 minutes Brew time
  • Efficient Energy


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Single Cup

The base model for Keurig gourmet coffee machines is the Keurig K15 specialty, coffee maker. This little single-cup coffee maker is great for the office or singles. It is small enough not to take up much surface area in the slightest degree. One of the main disadvantages of the current system is that you have to fill the tank every time you want a cup of coffee.

Next up is the Keurig K15 Coffee Brewing System. This system is larger than the Keuring K1500. Together it contains an abundantly larger water reservoir. Contains a 6 to 10 oz reservoir. Make an 8 or 10-ounce cup. The drip tray is removable to fit larger travel mugs and coffee mugs.

Pricing, Models, and K-Cup Compatibility:

I reviewed the Keurig K 15 which is Keurig’s highest-end Keurig K15 model. The company also offers the Keurig k-mini coffee maker, Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker. This model also features K-cup pods in multiple sizes. Offers one size 6 to 10  oz. You need to know how to open Keurig and clean your coffee maker machine.


If you’ve ever used a Keurig coffee maker before, using the Keurig K15 is the same process. After placing a compatible pack and closing the pack holder, the screen will automatically populate with preparation options. It is an example of K-cups.

Then you can select the number of ounces you want to brew (in 2-ounce increments from 4 to 10). If you want the brew to be strong, and a setting that you are brewing Hot Cocoa / Other.

Keurig claims that its new K15 technology enables the brewer to recognize the inserted package and optimize the recommended and custom settings for that particular beverage. This would be a great way for Keurig to set itself apart from the competition, but in practice, it didn’t make a noticeable difference. 

For example, I made coffee, tea, iced tea, iced coffee, and hot chocolate using the K15. But it is not a matter of the K-Cup that the machine always presents you with the same brewing options. If you can recognize what cup I’m brewing, then why do I have to press a button that says Hot Chocolate / Other?

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer
Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

Automatic machine

The machine automatically adjusts the temperature when brewing a pitcher, from 192 degrees Fahrenheit to 197 degrees. That said, there is no manual temperature control here, as you will find on some of the previous Keurig brewers.


Brewing Time

To test the K15, I prepared different K-Cup and K-Carafe packages. For a regular 8-ounce K-Cup, the K15 took 2 minutes to prepare. For a strong cup, that number increased to 2 minutes. K-Carafe brewing options are measured in cups. For a standard 3-4 cup brew, it took 2 minutes 22 seconds (there is no strong pitcher option).


The K15 isn’t quiet when brewing, but it’s certainly quieter than older machines, which is good. And the pitcher feature is a very welcome addition. The K15 comes with a black plastic jug with a silver handle. 

To brew a jug, you need to remove the drip tray and put the jug in place, which fits against the coffee pot like a glove. 

The lid of the carafe is designed to stay on during preparation, which means there is minimal heat loss. The lid felt secure during pouring and overall the coffee brewed in the carafe tasted comparable to a single serving cup. That being said, PCMag taste testers did not enjoy the taste when the pitcher was set up to brew 4-5 cups as it felt noticeably watery.

Brew process-KEURIG K15 REVIEW

The K15 also allows you to prepare hot water, either by selecting settings on the screen or by opening and closing the pack holder. You can brew up to 6 ounces of hot water at a time, although I found that after brewing a cup of coffee, you will have to discard the first few ounces of water as it tends to be quite cloudy with coffee grounds.

Overall, though, the K15 is great when you want a quick cup (or carafe) of coffee with minimal work. The drinks you make taste mostly similar to previous models, which is good or bad depending on how you like your coffee.

Additional Features

The K15 offers some additional features, such as the ability to set the machine to brew at high altitude or provide you with reminders to clean the water filter. You can also program the light color for the reserve tank and change the wallpaper on the screen. And there is an auto on/off option, as well as a power-saving option, so the machine will automatically turn off when not in use. All of this worked fine in my tests, but it didn’t add a ton of value.

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker drip tray1
Keurig K15 Coffee Maker drip tray1


Keurig K15 seems like a logical step in the evolution of single-serving brewers. With that said, if you’re already satisfied with your current machine and don’t need the ability to brew a jug, there’s little reason to upgrade to the Keurig K15.

 But if you enjoy the controlled simplicity of single-serving brewing and want the ability to make a cup of coffee just as easily, the Keurig K15 will likely make you happy. 

You can also save some money on one of the new lower-end models, particularly the K15, which costs $ 30 less and doesn’t sacrifice many features.

Taken together, it would give the Keurig connoisseur coffee brewing systems huge thumbs up. They are a bit expensive and made of plastic, however, they are much more valuable than buying the expensive cups from the house of Java. They are the right size for every need and budget.