Percolator Buying Guide: Analysis

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Percolator Buying Guide

There are many ways to make coffee. Beyond the coffee machines or the automatic ones, there are also coffee percolators. We widely use them in offices and catering sites. So you need to know the percolator buying guide

If you are interested in buying one, in this article we have written a percolator buying guide. We tell you everything. So you need to know so that you can make a good choice and we present you with some models.

Percolator Buying guide-What is a percolator?

As you can guess from its name, the thermos percolator is an electrical device designed to make coffee. Usually, it has large quantities.

what is a percolator
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Its operation is based on the percolating action which consists of passing is a soluble substance (water). So permeable substance (ground coffee) obtains a soluble compound (drink). So it works a bit like traditional filter coffee makers.

Then it consists of a cylindrical-shaped container to which another piece is fitted. It is the filter and a vertical tube through which the water will pass.


What is the best percolator?

Firstly, you want to buy a good coffee percolator. Finally, you can take a look at the main characteristics of these three outstanding models. Besides, we recommend the following comparison table.

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How to choose quality percolator?

In a professional environment, industrial percolator can be very useful. Since these devices allow you to make coffee in large quantities easily. They are also used in the domestic environment and, contrary to what many believe. If it is possible to achieve a coffee with flavor and body.

If you are interested in buying a percolator it is important that you pay attention to its most important characteristics. So you can choose a quality one that suits your needs.


As with any coffee maker, it is essential that you look at the capacity of the percolator, the use you can give. It will depend on this. If you choose a domestic one, you should consider the number of people at home. And how many of them drink coffee.

You can find models of 100 ml, which are for two cups, 200 ml (for 4 cups), 300 ml (for 6 cups) and 450 ml (for approximately 9 cups). There are also models for 12 cups.

If it is more of a trickling tank, that is, of the models for professional environments, the capacity can be even higher. The smallest ones usually have a 15 liter tank, but can even exceed 40 liters. In this case, you will have to assess the type of service you are going to provide.


Two-cup coffee percolator 

Once you determine the capacity you need, you should also look at the material with which the percolator is made.

Most of these coffee appliances are made of stainless steel, which guarantees long-lasting durability, as it is a strong material that does not corrode with use.

In addition, being made of stainless steel, you can use the percolator on an induction hob at home.

For example, if it is the right size for it, obviously.


Modern coffee percolator

This is an aspect that you should consider, not only for reasons of taste, but also for space. The trickers can have different designs.

Some models are very similar to an Italian coffee maker, so they are compact. The most important thing is to ensure that you have an ergonomic cool-touch handle that allows you to serve your coffee comfortably and safely.

In the case of professional models, the design will be different.Especially  they are larger. The cylindrical container must have an easy-to-operate, non-drip tap, as well as handles, also ergonomic and cool to the touch, to easily transport the percolator from one place to another.


Compact coffee percolator

If you choose an electric model, you should pay attention to its power.So it happens with many other devices of this nature. These usually do not need much, so a percolator that offers up to 12 cups of coffee.It can easily work with a power less than 1000 watts.

In this case, it is also important to pay attention to the energy efficiency of the appliance.Iif you plan to use it frequently, the electricity consumption could increase considerably.

It is best to always choose a model with energy efficiency class A. It may be a little more expensive. But in the long term you will notice a saving in terms of the electrical consumption of your home.

Why buy a percolator?

Serve coffee from a percolator

Coffee percolators are not much used lately, but they are still very useful and offer a quality drink.

These coffee makers are originally from American culture and work by taking advantage of the heat to circulate the water inside them to infuse the coffee.


Unlike other coffee makers, in percolators the water takes advantage of the force of gravity for its circulation. Thanks to this system, a coffee with an exquisite aroma and texture is achieved, which will be more or less strong depending on the user’s taste.

Another advantage of this system is that it allows you to prepare several liters of coffee, depending on the design of the percolator. They are often used in offices, small premises or catering services as it is the best way to prepare large quantities of coffee in one go, something that cannot be achieved with any other machine. It is also a very useful implement for camping.

On the other hand, depending on the model you choose, you can keep the coffee hot as long as you want to avoid having to reheat it. Thanks to the fact that they have a base, which is a heating plate in the vast majority of occasions, once it is ready you can drink it throughout the day, as it will not get cold. It is ideal for events with many attendees where coffee is taken over a long period of time.

Which percolator to choose?

Before choosing a model, we recommend that you review the main characteristics of the best-selling models on the market that we suggest below.

The different types of percolator

There are different percolators. The  machines that work with the percolating system, pass a liquid through a permeable substance to obtain a compound derived from the process. Despite this, depending on the heat source, as well as the design of the appliance, the process may be slightly different.

Automatic model

Automatic coffee percolator

They are the electric models. They work with the basic principle of a percolator, with the water in the lower tank and the filter in the upper part to infuse the coffee as the water rises.

But in this case, the cycle is over once the liquid in the brewer approaches the boiling point. The water circulation stops, the typical coffee machine sound is heard, and it turns off.

Combined model

Combined coffee percolator

This type of percolator for coffee is a model very similar to the Italian coffee maker.

It works with the same percolating principle as the previous model.

But, in this case, it has the three parts that make up the Italian or moka model coffee maker, with the filter in the middle, between the upper and lower chamber.

The percolators are very useful and versatile utensils for preparing coffee. Make sure you choose a model with the capacity you need. And they made it with quality materials.

How much does a quality percolator cost?

New coffee percolator

The percolators have different prices depending on the model and their capacity.

If you choose a model in the style of an Italian stovetop coffee maker, you can find them for up to less than 10 USD (a model for two cups). If you want it with a larger capacity, the price range is between 10 and 30 USD.


If you want to buy an electric model, which also gives you the option of keeping the coffee hot. So you will have to invest more. A large model, with a capacity of up to 12 cups, can cost a little more than 100 USD. Also, if you need a large capacity percolator, whether,For a small place or a catering service, the price will be more than 140 USD.

Percolator Buying guide-Where do you sell percolators?

These devices are for sale on Amazon, among other places. We recommend the marketplace because it offers many advantages, such as reliable guarantees, a variety of models, accessible prices and fast shipping.

How to use a percolator?

Now that you know how a percolator works, you should learn how to use it. Fortunately, it is a fairly straightforward job, so there is nothing to worry about. You should consider that not all devices are the same, so it is important that you take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions before using it. In any case, there are some generic usage steps that apply to any of these implements.

Open the percolator and fill the water tank according to the amount of coffee you want to prepare or up to the maximum allowed.


Place the coffee grounds in the perforated filter. 

You should choose one with a coarse grind, if it is very fine you run the risk of it passing into the water tank.

Screwing or snapping the lid covers the percolator..

Place the percolator on the heat source if it is a stovetop or connect it and turn it on if it is electric.

Depending on the model, you should be vigilant for when the process is finished, since the classic process of a percolator is to recirculate the water until it is removed from the heat source. In the case of electric ones, these turn off by themselves.

How to clean a percolator?-Percolator Buying guide

Coffee percolator in the kitchen

As with any kitchen implement, cleaning it is essential to do its job correctly and also to extend its useful life. The percolators are very easy to clean. Once it is cold, you must disassemble its parts, remove the debris and put it under the tap.

You can use the soap you use to wash the rest of the dishes. Although it is better to use a neutral soap with a soft sponge you can reach all parts of the percolator. And thus clean it better. And if you want, you can occasionally clean it with a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda for a deeper clean.