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coffee benefits


Many of us start our day with a good cup of coffee. In the United States, coffee consumption has increased for years, and our neighbors are now drinking it anyway. We will get fitness our body from the coffee benefits that gives us energy.

A coffee drinker and American news watcher, this morning, I was interested in an article in the New York Times that discusses the perceived or real benefits of drinking coffee. 

Are there any downsides to consuming too much? 

Are all coffees of equal value?

Overall, drinking coffee is good for us. The negative consequences would come from excessive consumption or the type of coffee ingested. 

If you drink three to five cups a day, you can avoid it. 

Do you think they are too high in caffeine? – Coffee Benefits

Then your consumption would be associated with a lower risk of mortality!

Coffee benefits

Recent studies have shown the benefits of coffee. Long associated with the development of certain types of cancer, it has shaken off this bad reputation. Its drinkers are said to have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and fewer heart attacks.

Other beneficial effects of moderate drinking include a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons’ disease, or liver disease.

While having your morning coffee has its share of good benefits, the article warns against overconsumption, especially for some people. For example, a pregnant woman should moderate or stop her consumption.

Other coffee benefits

Besides, not all coffees are created equal, and the way to prepare them influences the potential benefits. An espresso contains a much higher percentage of caffeine. And therefore, we cross more quickly the threshold from which we lose the benefits.

Filtered or capsule coffees would be preferable to “boiled” coffee as it is often prepared in Turkey or Greece. If the studies come to results that sometimes differ, they all conclude that this process causes a rise in cholesterol in the consumer who prepares his coffee in this way.

Other factors-coffee benefits

Other factors to consider: adding milk and sugar to your cup of it. Adding small amounts of one or the other does not seem to affect the benefits of black coffee. But many times commercial preparations far exceed the thresholds. 

The sugar in some coffees is the fourth largest source of sugar in an American aged people’s diet. The figures for the fat consumption associated with milk and cream are not much better.

If you have developed an addiction to your coffee, your consumption is reasonable. There seems to be nothing but benefits in continuing your little ritual. It can wake you up, stimulate you, increase your focus, and even your training performance!


To deprive yourself of it would imply a withdrawal of which we know the undesirable effects: irritability, fatigue, and headaches. Why indulge yourself in these petty miseries if you drink moderately, paying attention to fat and sugar?

How many cups of coffee should you drink in a day?

It’s great to know as a caffeine addict that coffee can be good for you. The trick is that the recommended amount is between 2 and 3 cups a day. And it can not only encourage you to face your long workday. But it can also give you the maximum health benefits that you may not even know about. 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine interrupting your sleep, it’s best to avoid it late in the day. But, the studies have shown that Java is best enjoyed when it is spread out throughout the day. So you don’t have to experience any caffeine crashes. 

If you are in any doubt about the size of the cups you are drinking, it should not exceed 500mg of caffeine per day, which is a useful number to remember since many large chains serve Java in so many different sizes that it is difficult to control.

Caffeine is a great way to start your day, especially since you can be addicted to the substance. So it’s a great way to wake up in the morning with the use of a delicious cup of Joe. It’s also best to enjoy a coffee before a workout because it’s known to increase performance. And it can also block certain chemicals that cause excessive muscle soreness. So you can train more effectively. 

The main thing most people use their coffee for is getting up and facing the day. And it works to wake up muscles specifically.

When you’re sleeping, your muscles are inactive. Since you’re dreaming, the caffeine in coffee can directly wake up the muscles in your body to get you going for the day, as well as for exercise.

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Coffee for weight-coffee benefits

Another fantastic advantage of coffee for both weight moderation and workouts is that the caffeine will suppress your appetite to keep you from overdoing it. 

It is an easy way to keep the weight off. Caffeine will also boost your metabolism when you drink it sporadically throughout the day. Another health benefit of coffee is that it will keep you regular by stimulating a bowel movement and promoting regular digestive health. 

Benefit for Weight

The caffeine in coffee has also been blamed for being a diuretic. But that can be helpful when drinking coffee in the morning because it will flush toxins out of the kidneys. It is a natural way to detoxify certain areas of your body through a delicious cup of coffee.


Considering all these great factors, it’s wonderful to know that your coffee does a lot more for your health than you ever imagined. It provides you with all these little benefits that are part of your daily function and well-being, not to mention getting you ready for your day! Fill me another cup

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